The kid consumer

Build your business off of their daily routines with targeted actions.

Kids all over the world are growing up. But they aren’t all growing up the same way. There will always be differences in culture, society and economy. It’s why our marketers don’t just think globally. And it’s why we prefer to segment our findings country by country.

Kids’ growth and development are anchored on the reality of their everyday life, and nothing is more important to them than their daily activities. Questions will be based on their personal experiences on recreational activities, eating habits, education, etc. By following the major events and special occasions of their year in every country: back-to-school, Christmas and Summer Holidays.


The Observer is built around kids and their daily routine to get a more accurate view of:

  1. Their way of life, their daily and weekly activities.
  2. The role of parents in this routine (choice of activities, shared moments, time keeper, etc.).
  3. Time for peers, siblings, grand-parents.
  4. Their consumption habits – TV, new technologies, recreational time and activities, food, toys, music, etc.
  5. Mothers’ attitude towards each area of consumption.
  6. Opportunities for brands (rooting in their daily life, communicating with them).


Thanks to these themes, you can monitor and better understand the lives of the 3 to 14 years old to stay in touch with their attitudes, opinions and developing trends.

Kids interact with brands all day

From sunrise to sunset, find out what they're experiencing and why.

How the kid consumer adds value to your business

The Kid Consumer is your information tool with 10,000 interviews of kids and 10,000 interviews of their mothers each wave; and more importantly, a questionnaire in 3 levels:


A shared part for all the waves;

  • Demographics of the household.
  • Kids daily life, with a complete detailed timetable.
  • Kids behaviours towards reading, TV, toys & games, video games, Internet, tablets & computers, eating habits, main hobbies.


A focus on different themes for each wave;


  • In January – Christmas presents, collectibles, kids’ heroes.
  • In June – Screens (TV and new technologies), shared moments with parents and grand-parents.
  • In October – Experiences at school, friends, recreational times, eating habits (during/between meals, at/outside homes).


A concentration on your brands and specific issues.


The Kid Consumer is currently available in the following countries:

Australia    China    India    UK    France    Germany    Italy    Spain    Poland    Russia    Brazil   

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