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We know what gadgets kids and young adults are using and what they're using it to consume

The speed with which kids access new digital technologies is unprecedented. In a recent survey conducted by Kidz Global, we found that 49% of kids' free time involves something digital.

New technologies also offer many opportunities to increase their acquisition of knowledge, to extend play patterns to existing offerings as well as mutate socialization from face-to-face to online and mobile. From virtual worlds to social networking, children and young people will express themselves with these new features and discover other fields of expression.

Kids & Digital reveals and examines the behaviors and attitudes of children, tweens and teens with regards to their usage of digital technologies, online services and online content.

Areas covered include:

  • Examine how current consumers access, use, and intend to use the Internet, digital content via the Net and mobiles. This includes not only the individual ownership but also the access through parental and sibling devices.
  • Examine how current consumers use, and intend to use the combination of physical and digital devices, especially using mobile devices as controllers. This sections reviews all aspects of the usage, from amount of time to party composition, places of usage, type and proficiency.
  • Pinpoint cross-platform engagement as well as multitasking. Kids not only access the Internet or videos or social networks via their computer, they also use their smartphones and tablets.
  • Identify attitudes to the use of new products and content; including kids’ favorite screen, amongst all, and the reasons behind this choice.
  • Identify the key success drivers for this the right connections

Find out how to reach kids where they are in the digital world

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