Kids & christmas presentes

Understand how children make their choices in Christmas presents, what they receive and what they don’t.

What are the key challenges the toy industry faces?

  1. A changing distribution of toys, through an increasing importance of virtual channels.
  2. A significant growth in specialty stores, on each Entertainment markets; this leads to an enhanced competition from other product categories.
  3. More sales made on promotions as well as seasonal peaks.
  4. Emerging manufacturers with a strong technological offering.


The result – toy manufacturers have a fight on their hands:

  • Either they can manage to create, develop and maintain consumer loyalty on their brands,
  • Or they can gain share in extending their range of products to new categories, in and out of the Toy market.


Kids & Christmas is all about understand how children ages up to 12 make their choices in the Christmas presents, including the process of making the choices (chronology, information sources, content) and the ways to communicate their wishes; and in final how parents behave on these choices.

In addition, use our results to re-contact respondents for your specific additional information needs.

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