Daily Routine

Understanding activities and touch points of kids' lives.

What does the routine of a typical 21st century kid look like? Is your advertising strategy in line with their day to day life? Are there optimum marketing opportunities within a child’s weekly regime? Do you use the right media formats at the right times to reach your target market?


The latest market research report we have undertaken, titled Kids and their Daily Routines, answers all of these questions and gives many more valuable insights into the daily routines and activities of children. To compile the report, we asked children to tell us exactly what they do, hour by hour, from 6 a.m. on Monday until midnight on Sunday. We also asked them to explain in detail about each of the activities they did during a full week. With this vital information to hand, we’re giving businesses just like yours the chance to pinpoint the most effective days, times and mediums to connect with their target market.


The report can help you to understand:

  • When children do key activities, both in school term time and during the holidays.
  • How much time they spend on each activity.
  • What they specifically do during each activity.
  • How willing they are to switch to different activities.
  • The best times to connect with them for each different media format.


Of course, market research reports are unimportant unless their data can be used to create effective marketing strategies, which is why we always provide our clients with fully immediate, actionable recommendations to help their brands move forwards.


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