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We track over 900+ Entertainment Brands and Characters, per country every quarter!

What kids want

Kidz Global developed a unique suite of products, the BrandTrends Suite, to provide licensors, agents and licensees with a full check on the relative awareness, popularity and merchandise appeal of all the leading Entertainment Brands & Characters among infants, preschoolers, children and tweens.

Use our unique composite index of brand popularity, based on all awareness and attitudinal measures, the Brand Popularity Index (BPI). A Brand Matrix examines the correlation between brand popularity, measured in terms of the Brand Popularity Index (BPI), with potential interest in buying branded products.

What kids want

The BrandTrends suite includes

BrandTrends Entertainment

Use this suite to benchmark Entertainment brands and characters against competitors for specific age groups and genders.

BrandTrends shows & series

Use this suite to benchmark TV Shows, TV Series and Movies against competitors for specific age groups and genders.

BrandTrends demographics

Get detailed profiles of your consumers.

BrandTrends digital

Identify opportunities to extend your brands and characters in the digital world.

Everything you always wanted to know

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about improving your brand and character's performance in the market.

How BrandTrends suite adds value to your business

  • Identify the scope and level of unaided awareness of Entertainment brands (UNPROMPTED).
  • Measure the aided awareness of a selection of 750+ tested brands & characters in Entertainment
  • Assess Kids and Mums attitudes towards those brands/characters, as well as Kids and Mums selection of any three Entertainment brands as their favorites (UNPROMPTED)
  • Evaluate the merchandise appeal for those brands, to evaluate the extent to which brand popularity translates into interest in merchandise
  • Visualize the users and non-users of your brands & characters
  • Identify opportunities to extend your brands & characters in the digital world
  • Last but not least, determine the retail visitation of the Mums for their kids and target your merchandising actions

Get access through:

  • A single report: Access the picture of the brand(s)/character(s) popularity and merchandise appeal
  • An agile database: Run up to 14 pre-formatted reports in a matter of seconds
  • An annual subscription: Track changes in brand popularity and the intent to purchase when a competitive brand enters in the market. Evaluate also the impact of your marketing actions by comparing periods.

In addition, use our results to re-contact respondents for your specific additional information needs.

Contact us today for more information on Brands & Characters market research, or visit brandTrends website

BrandTrends Suite is currently available in the 43 following countries

Australia     New Zealand     Japan     China     India     Malaysia     Indonesia     Philippines     Thailand     South Korea     Taiwan     Vietnam     Hong Kong     Singapore     UK     France     Germany     Italy     Spain     Poland     Russia     Ukraine     Denmark     Sweden     Belgium     Netherlands     Hungary     Czech     Romania     Greece     Mexico     Brazil     Argentina     Colombia     Chile     Venezuela     USA     Canada     Saudi Arabia     United Arab Emirates     Turkey     South Africa     Israel    

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