Market research services

We specialize in market research and consulting services on child-orientated consumer markets around the world.


In this changing world, priorities always move, creating a constant challenge for the marketing teams to adjust; and so putting even more time pressure on delivering the programmes. We apply consumer insights along with our deep knowledge of the industry to help our clients design better marketing strategies and tactics, as well as more effective marketing communications.

The global data gathered and analyzed cover a broad range of varied and fascinating topics. Current services include:

Brands & Characters

Tracking awareness, attitudes and popularity of the key Brands among kids & families, and how this is transformed into sales

The Kid Consumer

Understand how kids live for more targeted marketing and commercial actions

Kids & Digital

Examine kids' ownership, access and usage of digital devices, services and content

Kids & Pocket Money

How much pocket money kids receive, and what they use it for

Kids & Chrismas Presents

Understand how children make their choice of Christmas presents, what they receive and what they don't


Inspiring diversity through collecting

Daily Routine

Understanding activities and touch points of kids' lives

Custom Solutions

Custom research to build on your unique information needs


Align consumer demand with company performance


Kidz Global's experts will help you design more effective marketing strategies using our unique insights as well as industry knowledge


Is it vital for your business to know about your product performances, and how to dramatically improve your ranges in stores? Do you struggle to understand how your new product line could do better? Or what is the impact of your last advertising campaign, both on TV and on the Internet?

These are some of the numerous areas we work on. So you can also decide to use our services in a customized approach to maximize your reach to your objectives. We only know one way to do so: listen to you and come back with our recommendations! Give it a try and judge by yourself!

At every stage of the project – from the initial discussions and set-up right through to the provision of actionable results – we will provide you with high-level market research, marketing and brand consulting by our team of professionals.