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Kidz Global is a market research and consulting firm, specialized in kids markets around the world. We convey our surveys and findings in more than 50 countries, some easy (there is no such thing as ‘easy’ in fact), and some more complex.

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Why use our services

At Kidz Global, we know the importance of processing the information and act on it to add value to your business. What really makes the difference is not only to access the information, but more importantly to work on implementing your action plans issued from this information.

Therefore, our team brings you our global expertise with a thorough knowledge of the local situations to tailor any market research to your specific needs. In fact, the team goes beyond only market research to a smarter approach to achieve success.

We combine global expertise with local knowledge

Kidz Global’s experts have experience in your industry and your country, serving businesses just like yours. We work on many countries around the work, both at the international level, across the borders, as well as in depth within the countries.

Our technical expertise is applied across an array of industry segments dealing with children orientated consumer markets including but not limited to Licensing, Toys & Games, Video Games, Entertainment, and Education.

We tailor market research to needs

Every business is unique, even within one industry. We help you find your competitive advantage, and make the most of it in your market with solutions that are personalized to your needs and goals.

We offer insightful solutions pertaining to brands and customers through brand and image research, retail positioning, pricing research, advertising/promotional research, attitudinal and behavioral tracking, customer satisfaction, Market feasibility studies and volume forecasting. And even though some of our services are syndicated, we provide one-to-one confidential servicing, to ensure you receive the best possible answer to your questions.

We go beyond market research to provide complete solutions

Understand what is going on is crucial to ensure the best business decisions. But crossing back business decisions through accurate action plans is our mark of fabric. 

Not only we use our resources and expertise to offer you innovative, quality research solutions; but we also go the extra mile to ensure your actions plans are well aligned with our findings. That’s the “Key take-Aways” policy from Kidz Global.

We provide a smarter approach to market success

Benefit from specialized knowledge and expertise shaped through works for large, medium and small corporations throughout several continents, at an affordable price with measurable returns.

Do not wait and contact us to arrange a confidential, no obligation discussion about your information needs today.

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